Breed Information

Breed Problems/Conditions

The French Bulldog, is on the whole, a fairly sound dog with a few structural problems that need to be  noted and that breeders need to be aware of. Being a brachycephalic breed that is fairly short and compact  with a screw tail, the “Frenchie” is prone to the associated problems these conformational characteristics  will bring. These problems, which manifest to varying degrees, are:

    Birth defects: Cleft Palates/Hare Lips, Hemivertebrae
    Bone Disorders: Hip Dysplasia, Knees/Stifles, Back Problems, Spondalytis
    Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome
    Management of Brachycephalic Breeds in Hot Weather
    Care is needed with Anaesthetising or Sedation of Brachycephalic Breeds.
    For a detailed explanation of the above and other health information, the French Bulldog Club of England has an excellent article by Dr Karen Hedberg BVsc on their website.

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Health Screening for French Bulldogs

There are two main areas of Health Testing in French Bulldogs. These are:

    X-Rays: Spine and Hips
    DNA: HC (hereditary cataract) HSF4 gene and DM (degenerative myelopathy

For further information, there are two very good articles on the French Bulldog Club of NSW website. under “Health Screening”