Frequently Asked Questions about Frenchies

How often should I feed my Frenchie Puppy?

Your puppy is currently being fed 3 times a day, this should continue until he is 4-6months. Then 2 meals a day until he is 1 year old.

Which Dog Biscuits should i use?

The Dog biscuits that I use are Royal Canin. They are the best and have a range which include Puppy, Low Fat which are great for Bulldogs as they can be a spewy breed. The medium Junior range is the one I use for all my pups up to 12 months of age, then I change over to Royal Canin French Bulldog biscuits.

What is a good meal plan for my Frenchie?

An example for

  • Breakfast: Royal Canin biscuits with grated cheese.
  • Lunch: Tuna, Royal Canin biscuits and a spoon of cottage cheese or grated cheese.
  • Dinner: Mince, vegies, pasta and a spoon of yoghurt.
  • Raw beef bones to chew on, never give cooked bones as they splinter. When giving raw bones always supervise them. Always have fresh water available.
How do I "House Train" my Frenchie?

Take him/her outside onto the grass regularly and give lots of praise when he/she does the right thing. Generally, most puppies like to go to the toilet as soon as they wake up or have eaten. Accidents do happen so be patient with your puppy.

How do I Groom my Frenchie?
  • A daily wipe of your Frenchie’s face with a non-scented baby wipe getting into all the creases is a good habit to get into, you can also wipe the inside of the ears and gently go down into the ear canal.
  • A good brush or mitt as often as he/she or you like but at least twice a week.
  • Bath when necessary in warm water using a good quality shampoo. Rinse off with warm water, then put a couple of teaspoons of vinegar into a small bucket of warm water and pour gently over your dog (making sure no water goes into the ears) is a good way to ensure your dog doesn’t get dandruff.
  • Ensure you have Vaseline or Paw Paw cream to put onto a dry nose.
What are the most important things I need to know about my Frenchie Puppy?


  • They are very susceptible to overheating which can result in DEATH.
  • Do not walk your dog on a hot day (early morning or evening when its cooler is best).
  • Prevent him from running around the garden and playing with children and other dogs on an excessively hot day.
  • Always, there is fresh cool water and shade available, if they go outside.
  • Never leave in an unattended vehicle during the day, even if it is overcast.
  • If he does get hot and starts to pant excessively, hose him down with cool water.
  • Ensure there is lots of shade in the garden.
  • When the temperature is hot keep him indoors, try and let him have access to the garden for toileting.
Are Frenchies Indoors or Outdoors Dogs?

Indoors!!! Above all else give your Frenchie lots of love and cuddles, French Bulldogs are lap dogs they are not a dog that you can leave in the garden all day or at home on their own all day as they will not be a happy contented dog. We are very fortunate to have this mischievous little clowns to share our lives with and I’m sure you will feel the same.

Nine essential "Do" things about Frenchies
  • DO Give lots of cuddles
  • DO Let the puppy sleep when tired
  • DO Ensure it has its own place to rest – no cane baskets please
  • DO Have a toddlers swimming pool under shade to help keep him cool in the summer months. They love their wading pools.
  • DO Make sure your Frenchie has a balanced diet.
  • DO Brush coat regularly and bathe only when necessary, be careful not to get water in those ears.
  • DO Put vaseline or paw paw cream on a dry nose.
  • DO Raw meaty bones.
  • DO “Nylabone” which can be purchased at any pet shop helps develop their jaws and keep teeth strong. While they are chewing a nylabone they are leaving your furniture alone.
Six definite "DON'Ts" with Frenchies
  • DON’T Leave them unsupervised while eating bones.
  • DON’T Feed chicken necks.
  • DON’T Feed cooked bones they splinter.
  • DON’T Leave Frenchie’s unsupervised near a swimming pool, they will DROWN!!!!!!!
  • DON’T Leave Frenchie’s outside in hot weather, they can DIE! An air-conditioned house is best. DON’T Ever leave a Frenchie in a car, NOT even for 5 minutes.
  • DON’T Use snail pellets in your garden they are poisonous.